Our unique 10-week online bootcamp

Complete your second draft

Craft a kickass proposal

Build your author brand

Send your proposal to publishers 

Have you been working on your book and completed a first draft? No matter how rough? Do you want to take your book all the way to becoming a published author? A first draft is the end of the first step.

This is a unique once-a-year opportunity to work with this top coaching team to get your book polished, ready and submitted to publishers.

Join this intensive 10-week online bootcamp to get your book out to publishers.

Starts 1 October 2018

Price Euros 650

* Fixed timelines, tasks & deadlines to take you up

to submission.

* 3 LIVE mentorship calls with Kate and Sarah

* Pitch your book to industry professionals

* Review of your book proposal/synopsis/ first


* Start building your author brand and social media.

* Tracked status updates = ACCOUNTABILITY!

* Learn about different publishing options and

explore costs



"I have worked with writers internationally for over 15 years to get their book written, and published. After many years of teaching writing I have found this magical online course has changed my entire view of the process. I have always advocated writing alone but the group dynamic of these courses takes on a life of its own. It has been a breakout success and the constant push towards the finish has kept writers going. The support is incredible and writers who are clear they want to write a book will get there on this course. Added to that they get my structure and step-by-step process on how to plot, plan and write a book"


“When I wrote my first book, I literally had a green light from my publisher from a 2 page proposal that I submitted, and had zero input from specialists of any kind - just a looming deadline to hand it in. I literally sat and wrote on my own and even managed to submit my manuscript earlier when my publishers requested it. But writing a book is all about determination, tenacity and a tight goal. It's too easy for all the self doubt, nagging voices, procrastination and overwhelm to sabotage the process. My role on our mentorships is to pull every rabbit out of the hat to ensure you move forward- aligning heart, mind and body to complete your deadlines! My role is to keep you on track and to get your book out of you! NO messing about here! I am very firm.. but kind.